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Capture Your Essence: Stunning portraiture by Klaudia Urbanek. Your story, reimagined.

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Klaudia's Artistry Unveiled

My name is Klaudia Zolkos Urbanek.

With a unique blend of creativity and modern techniques, I will transform your selfies into breathtaking works of art.

Don’t miss the opportunity to turn your selfies into timeless masterpieces. 

Contact me today and order your masterpiece!

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Process of Getting your own custom portrait by Klaudia Urbanek

Embrace the simplicity of our process and let Klaudia’s artistic brilliance unfold:



Capture Your Essence: Begin the journey by taking a photo of yourself that resonates with your true essence. This could be a candid shot, a favorite pose, or a moment that holds special significance for you.

Natural Beauty Shines: Makeup is not required for our portraits. Embrace your authentic self!


Upload your photo

Once you have your photo, easily upload it to our secure online platform. As you do so, you’ll also be asked a few questions about yourself. This personal touch helps Klaudia gain insight into your personality, allowing her to create a portrait that goes beyond just physical representation.


WE Unleash our Creativity

Armed with your photo and your personal insights, Klaudia immerses herself in the creative process. With each brushstroke, she weaves emotions and stories, ensuring that the final result is a true representation of you.


Perfect Portrait

In due time, Klaudia will present you with a one-of-a-kind portrait that encapsulates your individuality. You’ll be amazed at how she captures not just your appearance but also your spirit, bringing out the very best in you.

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Elevate Your Portraits with Our Art Plan!

We offer print and delivery to any location in the world, any! 

Package 1

Digital Artwork

£ 90
  • For just £90 you'll receive 1 digital portrait file ready to print
  • Capture the mystique of your essence with our Mystic Digital Portrait Package.
  • This comprehensive offering includes a meticulously crafted digital portrait for immediate download, allowing you to share your unique persona online.
  • Additionally, indulge in the tangible beauty of a professionally printed version delivered right to your doorstep.

Package 2

Triple Delight Digital Artworks

£ 150
  • Priced at £150 you'll receive 3 digital portraits file ready to print
  • Elevate your mystic allure with our Triple Delight Digital and Print Collection.
  • This exclusive package showcases not one, but three captivating digital portraits, each ready for swift digital download.
  • Furthermore, savor the magic of having these captivating moments translated into exquisite prints, ideal for adorning your personal space.

Package 3

Elegance in Six Digital Artworks

£ 250
  • At £250 Priced you'll receive 6 digital portraits file ready to print
  • Experience the epitome of elegance through our Elegance in Six Digital and Print Ensemble.
  • With an array of six mystic digital portraits, this package offers a rich tapestry of your enigmatic charisma, allowing you to explore various facets of your allure.
  • Accompanied by six impeccable prints, suitable for display in any sophisticated setting, this package is a testament to your captivating essence.

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Klaudia Urbanek

Klaudia Urbanek is a talented contemporary artist renowned for her exceptional ability to transform photographs into stunning portraits. With a passion for art and a keen eye for detail, Klaudia has honed her skills over the years to create captivating and evocative artworks. Her dedication to understanding her clients and their unique qualities sets her apart, ensuring that each portrait she creates is not just a piece of art but a reflection of your innermost self.

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Ready to create new art?

Klaudia Urbanek’s contemporary portraits have adorned the walls of countless happy clients, each with a story to tell. Embrace the opportunity to have your own story immortalized in a stunning artwork.

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